Police find largest ever known hemp plantations in Aceh

Police find largest ever known hemp plantations in Aceh

Inspector General Police Anton Charliyan. (ANTARA/Reno Esnir)

This deserves appreciation."
Banda Aceh (ANTARA News) - Police have found in Aceh the largest hemp plantation ever known in Indonesia, police have said.

The hemp plantations totaling more than 54 hectares were found on the Gunung Selawah hill foot, the Indonesia police spokesman Inspector General Police Anton Charliyan said.

"This deserves appreciation. Aceh police have found the largest hemp plantations and a suspect was arrested," Anton Charliyan said here on Saturday.

Aceh has been known as the countrys largest supplier of marijuana which is made from dried leaves and flower of hemp plants.

Aceh police chief Insp.Gen. Husein Hamidi said the 54 hectares plantations were found in five locations.

"Further investigation could find more hemp plantations in that area," Husein Hamidi said.

Police have destroyed the crop which has been ready for harvest on the spot. Generally hemp plants are ready for harvest when they are five to six months in age.

Police succeeded in arresting only one of suspected growers.

"Apparently they had information that police would come. Information could be given by local villagers," Husein said.

Police could not easily reach the place to surround the suspects because of the difficult terrain, he said.

Even the one caught by police was because he could not walks as he break his leg when he tried to run away.