Wondama Bay, West Papua (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the operations of Wasior seaport at Wondama Bay District in West Papua Province on Tuesday.

The Wasior Port was built as part of the sea toll road project in the eastern region of Indonesia.

"Seaports and airports are being built in the outermost regions of Indonesia as we want to unite all provinces and districts in our country," President Jokowi remarked here on Tuesday.

After beating a tifa, local traditional musical instrument, with the palm of his hand, the president then signed an inscription to mark the operations of Wasior Port.

Situated at Wondama Bay, the port was built to support connectivity, so as to meet the needs of public transport facilities and infrastructure in Wasior District.

After inaugurating the Wasior Port, the president and his entourage took a road trip by car to oversee Margono airport at the Wondama Bay District.

On arrival at the Margono airport, President Jokowi expressed his agreement to relocating the airport to a more spacious area.

"The transportation minister had said earlier that the extension of the runway at Margono airport was not possible. It means that the airport must be relocated to a spacious area," President Jokowi remarked.

According to Jokowi, an ideal airport should have a long runway that can accommodate larger aircraft, but the airport at Wondama Bay still has a shorter runway.

"It is now the task of the transportation minister, West Papua governor, and Wasior district head to find a spacious area to relocate the airport," the president noted.

President Jokowi stated that the relocation of the airport can be done starting next year.

"Next year, a larger airport with a longer runway, must be built in Wasior District to replace the Margono airport," the president affirmed.(*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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