It is how the president wants to directly monitor in order ..."
Manokwari (ANTARA News) - The social assistance offered by Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was being directly delivered to ensure that the civilians fully received it, according to Social Affairs Minister Parawansa Khofifah Indar.

"It is how the president wants to directly monitor in order to ensure whether social assistance was fully delivered to the people of the country," the minister stated here on Tuesday.

Furthermore, Khofifah said the monitoring was aimed at ensuring that pregnant women and mothers with infants or toddlers received access to improved nutrition through the Hope Family Program (PKH).

Moreover, the PKH assistance could be used by parents with children at elementary, junior high, and high schools to support their education.

Khofifah explained that the assistance worth Rp500 thousand would be disbursed to families under the PKH this year, which could help fulfill their needs.

President Widodo handed over social assistance, as part of the PKH, for the disabled people, the elderly, and aid in the form of rice to the communities in Manokwari Regency and West Papua Province at the Manokwari Sanggeng Biriosi Dock.

Under the PKH, assistance worth Rp14.27 billion was delivered to Manokwari Regency to 6,619 families, Rp187 million to 52 disabled people, and Rp120 million to the elderly people, in addition to aid in the form of rice worth Rp14.44 billion to 11,043 residents. The total social assistance allocated to Manokwari regency reached Rp29 billion.

The total social assistance of Rp150.85 billion for 2016 disbursed to West Papua comprised Rp31.40 billion for 14,251 families under the PKH, disability assistance worth Rp435 million to 121 people, Rp600 million for 250 elderly people, and rice aid worth Rp118 billion for 90,547 residents.

The PKH is a social protection program being implemented through the provision of cash to impoverished families to fulfill their needs related to childrens education and health and to meet the nutritional requirements of pregnant women.

(Reported by Desi Purnamawati/Uu.M052/INE/KR-BSR/A014)

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