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TOKYO, May 30, 2016 (Antara/Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet) --

- Without Using Energy during Reaction Process -

Eneco Holdings, Inc. (, which earlier developed state-of-the-art emulsion technology, has now succeeded in applying the water-modifying reaction technology that has been the target of recent research to develop a type of gas known as Eneco Plasma R Hydrogen Gas that can be changed into normal LPG gas with a next-generation ecological gas device.

This invention involves technology that uses low-temperature reaction heat generated through contact between modified water and a medium developed in-house from waste to efficiently produce both oxyhydrogen gas and pure hydrogen gas at low energy levels without the use of an external energy source.

This fuel is produced from water and therefore does not consume resources, and it takes us one step closer to achieving an everlasting source of energy. Costs have been reduced to approximately 50% of conventional gases, and it also contributes greatly to reducing the burden on the environment (CO2, SOX, NOX, PM).

Source: Eneco Holdings, Inc.

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