Indonesian students invent future protein source

Malang, East Java (ANTARA News) - Four students of Agricultural Technology at the Brawijaya University, Malang, have invented foodstuff that has the potential to become a future source of protein. They have named it Nanno Healthy Powder.

These foodstuff is a combination of a microalgae Nannochloropsis sp and tofu waste, the leader of the invention team, Ahfad Ulfa, said here on Friday.

"This protein source is a powder supplement made from Nannocloropsis sp composed of 52.11 percent protein, 16 percent carbohydrate, 27.64 percent fat and 0.89 chlorophyl," Ulfa explained.

Ahfad added that tofu waste is abundantly available and wasted, even though "the waste still has a lot of nutrition content."

Among important substances contained in tofu waste are ammonium, phosphate and nitrate.

"Based on our research, the microalgae's cells will rapidly grow after being fed by tofu waste. Therefore, the nutrition content will also increase," Ahfad said.

The Nannochloropsis sp produced from the feeding process will be processed further by using nanotechnology to convert it into health supplement.

The highest nutrition content in Nannochloropsis sp cells is protein. "The laboratory experiment shows that the protein content in the microalgae is higher than that in animals and plant," Ulfa remarked.

The Nanno Healthy Powder can be produced at any time without relying on climate, seasons or weather. Also, because it is produced from tofu waste, it is relatively cheap.

"This study aims at preserving the environment. Another good quality of Nanno Healthy Powder is that it can be used as a protein source in a supplement or can be added to vegetarian foodstuffs," Ulfa said.