President affirms government`s commitment to manage finances effectively

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo has affirmed the governments commitment to manage its finances effectively and transparently and to ensure greater accountability.

"The state financial management should be result-oriented and the budgetary funds should be used in the interest of the people," President Joko Widodo said here on Tuesday.

The president remarked that transparency and accountability in state financial reports were part of any governments moral and constitutional responsibility towards the people.

The head of state reminded that the government should ensure that every penny was used for the benefit of all the people.

Therefore, all budgetary allocations should be more focused on productive spending to boost people's living conditions through infrastructure development, poverty alleviation, and so forth.

The head of state pointed out that government officials spend a lot of time to prepare accountability reports.

"I saw that almost 60 to 70 percent of bureaucracy spent more time to take care of accountability reports," the president narrated, and added that they should focus less on procedures and more on outcome.

The president called on all government branches to continuously improve their financial reports.

"All parties have to be innovative. The reports should be focused on the outcome, and it can be easily checked," the president reminded.(*)