Nations attend interfaith dialog to address threat of terrorism

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Delegates from five countries -- Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, and Australia (MIKTA) -- participated in an interfaith and intercultural dialog here on Tuesday to address the threats of terrorism, radicalism and extremism.

"We are going to share our experiences of how to manage diversity, including how to address the threats of terrorism, radicalism and extremism," Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister AM Fachir said while opening the dialog. The event has been organized by the foreign affairs ministry in collaboration with the ministry of religious affairs.

In addition to the delegates from MIKTA, academicians and religious leaders from the five countries also attended the dialog, themed "Strengthening Solidarity, Friendship, and Cooperation Through Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue."

Many countries across the world are now facing security challenges, caused by conflict and the fragility of state control, Fachir said. It resulted in a variety of movements, including those that led to radicalism, terrorism and extremism.

Mutual learning and exchange of experiences between the five countries is essential to strengthen their collective ability to overcome these threats, he said.(*)