Ambassador assures safety of travel in Jordan

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Jordan Ambassador to Indonesia Walid Al Hadid ensures the safety of tour and travel in Jordan, despite its geographical location that is adjacent to a number of countries involved in conflicts.

The Ambassador admitted to have received numerous inquiries asking about the safety of Jordan's capital, Amman, as well as other tourist attraction areas in the country by potential visitors.

"Jordan have always lived peacefully," he said during Jordan Tourism Board Business Event, hosted by the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Indonesia and the Jordan Tourism Board in JW Marriott hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday.

He further explained that it is a common misperception that people tend to have when they think about Jordan's geographical location, but in reality, there are no signs of civil war or terrorist actions in the country.

This is because the tourist destinations in Jordan, including the capital city, are actually a great distance away from conflict zones.

"For example, even if Amman is about 100 kilometers away from Damascus (capital city of Syria), we live a very peaceful life, and I can assure you that we have never had a single accident caused by conflicts or terrorist acts," he remarked.

There have never been records of tourists being detained or attacked, either and this is the result of well-organized trips by Jordanian travel agents who made the necessary arrangements properly.

The Embassy, along with the Tourism Board invited a number of travel agencies from Amman, Jordan to Jakarta to attend the business event, in which they can make connections with local tour agencies.

The event aims to further promote Jordanian tourism to the Indonesian market, which ultimately strengthen the close bilateral relationship between the two countries.

"Jordan and Indonesia enjoy a very friendly and brotherly relationship, although we are very far away, we have a very close, humane relationship," said the Ambassador to ANTARA.

Additionally, Jordan Tourism Board Area Marketing Coordinator Afanah Z. Afanah said that there are similar characteristics shared by Indonesia and Jordan, which strengthen the bond between both nations.

"The cultures of Indonesian and Jordanian public is very similar when it comes to generosity and hospitality. The warmth that you can see in Jakarta is just as beautiful as it is in Amman," he stated.

Religion, tradition and culture are also among the aspects that he listed as the similarities between Indonesia and Jordan.(*)