Police to appoint officer to coordinate with MUI

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Police will appoint a liaison officer to work with the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) on its fatwa asking Moslems not to wear non-Moslem religious attributes.

"We ask MUI to allow us to send a liaison officer. So, we can have the information if they want to issue a fatwa. We need to communicate because we have the duty to enforce the law. We will see, if we can help to promote the fatwa," Indonesian police chief General Tito Karnavian said here on Tuesday.

Tito reiterated that the police would help to promote the fatwa (religious edict) by telling shop owners not to compel their workers to wear certain religious accessories.

"Similarly, shop owners could face legal action if they compel and threaten their workers," he added.

The liaison officer would play the role of bringing the two institutions closer to intensify their communication.

The police chief has also called on MUI to inform the police on fatwas they will issue in future, in order to maintain public security and order.

"If (MUI) issues a fatwa that is considered to have a wide impact on the public, public order, tolerance, and security, please inform us," he said, adding that he has intensified coordination with the MUI on the issue.

Earlier on Monday, Tito had banned raids or sweeping in malls and offices after MUI issued a fatwa that prohibited employers from forcing their employees to wear religious attributes.(*)