Indonesia`s foreign debt drops US$7.2 billion

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesias foreign debt dropped US$72 billion to US$316.0 billion in November 2016 from US$323.2 billion in October 2016, according to Bank Indonesia on Monday.

The decrease in debt was driven by slow withdrawals of both government and private debt, as well as short-term and long-term debt.

"Foreign debt in the public sector is recorded at US$154.5 billion, while the private sector is at US$161.5 billion," it said in its report.

The government's public debt slowed by 12.1 percent (year-on-year), from 17.0 percent in October 2016, while private debt was down by 3.4 percent from 2.0 percent.

Referring to the time of withdrawal of the debt, long-term debt in November slowed to 3.1 percent (year-on-year), or US$274.1 billion.

The long-term debt consists of US$153.7 billion in public debt and US$120.4 billion in private debt.

The short-term debt also slowed by 7.1 percent to US$42.0 billion, consisting of US$41.2 billion in private debt and US$0.8 billion in public debt.

"Based on economic sectors, private foreign debt, until the end of November 2016, was concentrated in the financial sector, processing industries, mining, electricity, gas and clean water.

The ratio of foreign debt in the four sectors, against total private foreign debt, reached 76.8 percent, it said. (*)