Minister urges Islamic campuses to counter radicalism

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Islamic campuses should be able to counter radicalism through their unique and moderate education system, according to Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin.

"Islamic campuses should be able to counter radicalism and intolerance in society," Saifuddin stated here, Tuesday.

The minister affirmed that state Islamic universities (PTKIN) should have especially been instrumental in promoting moderate Islam.

To this end, Islamic campuses should play a more active role in responding to the growing trend of radicalism and intolerance and any doctrine that runs counter to the moderate ideology.

Saifuddin emphasized that Islamic campuses should publish more scientific studies and hold discussions and other activities to raise public awareness on the need to adopt a moderate stance.

The ministry has formulated action plans for the PTKIN to function as a mediator to promote moderate Islam.

Saifuddin noted that the ministry will measure the level of success achieved by PTKIN in promoting moderate Islam to evaluate their effectiveness.(*)