"We want people to start investing in the capital market from an early age ..."
Semarang (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) in Semarang, Central Java, continues to promote stock investment among the youth by opening galleries in several universities, in which investment details are being showcased.

"We want people to start investing in the capital market from an early age, and this mission is in line with our campaign Yuk Nabung Saham," Head of Semarang IDX Fanny Rifqi El Fuad stated in Semarang on Tuesday.

Fuad believed that introducing a subject specific to investment in universities will contribute significantly to drawing the students interest in getting involved in the capital market.

"If one university can contribute 200 students, then there could be up to 2,200 investors from 11 different campuses," he added.

Moreover, several investment galleries have been set up in universities in other regions, which include those in a university in Salatiga in Central Java, Pekalongan University, Pancasakti University in Tegal, Muria University in Kudus, and NU University in Jepara.

In the near future, Fuad revealed that the IDX will start more investment galleries in the State Polytechnic University and PGRI University in Semarang.

"With the growing number of galleries, it is hoped that the students will find it easier to know more about the capital market. In future, their role will offer a significant contribution towards increasing the number of investors in Central Java," he added.

The IDX had earlier recorded a total of 25,753 investors in 2016, a 26.13 percent increase as compared to 20,417 investors in 2015.

(Reported by Aris Wasita Widiastuti/Uu.KR-ARC/INE/KR-BSR/H-YH)

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