W Java to build and renovate 600 bridges

Bandung, W Java (ANTARA News) - Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan has said that his administration plans to build and renovate a total of 600 bridges this year.

"Hopefully, we can build between 500 and 600 bridges in 2017, he said in a statement.

West Java has allocated Rp25 billion in funds in its local budget for the purpose.

"If its not sufficient, we will increase the funds in the amended budget," he noted.

The provincial government will involve NGOs, such as Vertical Rescue Indonesia, to identify the locations of the bridges.

"It happens that they (NGOs) have a program of 1 thousand bridges. So, we integrate their ideas with our program. We will work together with them," he added.

The constructions of bridges are expected to help students living in remote areas go to school without risking their lives by crossing river currents.(*)