Malaysia to deport 160 Indonesians

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A total of 160 Indonesian migrants will be deported from Johor after serving their jail terms for working illegally in that country, an Indonesian embassy official said.

The 160 Indonesians will be deported on Tuesday, March 14.

"Among those to be deported were 16 Indonesians hailing from Tanjung Balai and Pidie Aceh. Some of them have been waited for by their family members," Legal Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Fajar Sulaeman, said when contacted through Whatsapp, on Sunday

Sulaeman said he had previously followed up a report from a couple of parents that their son, named Khairil Anwar Sitorus and friends had been arrested by the Malaysian authorities in the Sikincan waters when they were returning Tanjung Balai Asahan.

After passing a legal process, Sitorus and friends were found guilty of having worked illegally and must serve a four month sentence.

However after serving the sentence, some of Sitorus friends have been deported but the 16 others have not yet been returned.

The embassys task force team for Indonesian citizens protection then investigated the case and found that although they have served their sentence, yet they were still detained by Malaysia because they were needed to give testimonies.

"Therefore, the 16 Indonesians could yet be returned soon," he said.

After the task force team coordinated with the relevant authorities and conveyed its objection that the 16 Indonesian could no longer be detained because they have completed their sentence, they eventually be allowed to go home through the deportation.

"Finally, Khairil Anwar Sitorus and friends could be deported," Sulaeman said.