My era is that of competition, but what I am doing is offering opportunities to the younger generation."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has called on the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) to play an active role in promoting economic equality, notably through the redistribution of assets.

The president made the request at the opening of the 16th National Working Meeting of HIPMI and the launch of HIPMIs Go to School 2017 program in Jakarta on Monday.

"I have spoken about this to the HIPMI general chairman. I urged HIPMI after this working meeting that it should play an important role in promoting the economic equality policy, particularly through the redistribution of assets," Jokowi noted.

Jokowi said the government has prepared land to be distributed to the people through the agrarian reform and asset redistribution program.

The program is launched as part of the efforts to promote equality through cooperatives, Islamic boarding schools, and other channels, such as the customary communities.

"Hence, where lies the role of HIPMI? This should be discussed before the government issues the economic equality policy. Why should HIPMI (do this)? One and a half month ago, I had urged the chief economic minister, finance minister, and head of the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) to do a calculation on what the direction of our vision will be after a hundred years of Indonesia becoming an independent nation. Where will we stand in 2045 after having gained independence a century ago?" the head of state remarked.

He said the government is planning to implement three major phases to welcome it.

In the first phase, as the foundation, the government will build infrastructure, while in the second phase, it will advance the raw material processing industry, and in the third one, it will develop the service industry.

The president noted that in 2045, Indonesias population is expected to reach 309 million, with an economic growth of about five to six percent and a gross domestic product amounting to US$9.1 trillion.

"This is a giant leap, but who is going to play the role? Of course, the HIPMI, because (those) like me would have become senior citizens or would have already passed away. Hence, those from the HIPMI will play the required role," he emphasized.

He called on young entrepreneurs to continue to reinforce themselves in an effort to face the competition and remain competitive.

"My era is that of competition, but what I am doing is offering opportunities to the younger generation," he added.

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