Foreign fishery company to operate in Sumbawa

Mataram (ANTARA News) - PT Bali Sea Food International (BSI) will soon operate its newly completed fish processing factory in the regency of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara.

"The factory construction has been finished . It is however, has to wait for installation of electric system," head of the regional Capital Investment and One Stop Service Office of West Nusa Tenggara H Lalu Gita Aryadi, said here on Thursday.

Construction of the fish processing factory of PT BSI to operate under the foreign investment (PMA) facility is estimated to cost Rp50 billion.

The company operates in the Teluk Santong area, sub-district of Plampang, regency of Sumbawa.

Gita said the company also is still waiting for the arrival of the factory processing machine from Germany. "Hopefully the factory could start operation this year as the machine is now on its way to this area," he said.

He said the company would export its processed fish product mainly to the United States fish. Fresh fishes are supplied by local fishermen as its partners.

The company uses a special technology is already used in Africa . In Indonesia West Nusa Tenggara is used as a location for experiment at the same tine for investment, he said.

He said the company will provide jobs for around 70 local workers . The workers would be trained first in Surabaya before being employed.(*)