President Jokowi attends Arab, Islamic leaders summit with Trump

Riyadh (ANTARA News) -President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) attended the Arab, Islamic country leaders summit with US president Donald Trump at King Abdul Aziz International Convention Center here on Sunday.

He arrived at the venue at 2.25pm local time welcomed by Saudi King Salman bin Abd. Aziz al-Saud.

After shaking hands and had a little chat both leaders immediately entered the dining room to join with other leaders of Arab and Islamic countries who were already in the room ahead of the meeting.

US President Donald Trumps motorcade arrived at the KAAICC at around 3.20pm, welcome by King Salman.

According to its press release the Islamic, Arab countries and US summit is held to renew their commitment in dealing with extremism and global terrorism and during which issues of security and stability will be discussed and reaffirmation of the need for cooperation and closer moderation to fight terrorism in the world.

"Leaders of Arab and Zislamic countries and the US admit the importsnce of strong end everlasting partnership to face extremism and threats of violence. We share common goals in the fight against terrorism and we try to inoculate our people to fight extremism that lead to violence," Saudi minister of foreign affairs Adel al-Jubeir said.

He said President Trump would meet with more than participants from 50 Islamic and Arab countries and the US.(*)