Floods hit Langkat District in North Sumatra Province

Langkat, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Floods have hit several villages in Sei Lepan Sub-district, Langkat District, North Sumatra Province, and displaced at least 29 families.

"They are taking refuge, as flooding has affected their homes," Noto Atmojo of the local disaster mitigation office stated here, Thursday.

A total of 457 families were affected by the floods in Sei Lepan. The flooding was caused, as a 15-meter-long dyke had burst.

The floodwaters, reaching heights of up to 80-100 centimeters, affected 156 families and displaced 29 of them in Lama Baru Village.

Floods also affected 155 households in Lama Village, 98 families in Harapan Baru Village, and 48 others in Harapan Jaya Village.

In addition to the Babalan Sub-district, Langkat District experienced floods due to the overflowing of Lepan River.

Tens of houses in the villages of South Pelawi and North Securai were inundated.

The local disaster mitigation office has set up emergency tents to accommodate the flood victims and deployed several rubber boats for evacuation.(*)