14 Filipinos stranded in Kalimantan

Samarinda, E Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - Around 14 Philippines citizens, comprising of nine men and five women were stranded and found in the Bunyu Island in East Kalimantan on Thursday, the provinces police spokesperson Comm. Sen. Ade Yaya Suryana said on Friday.

Because of bad weather and running out of fuel during their sail, the 14 Filipinos were forced to enter Indonesian waters.

"On Thursday morning at 07.30 am local time, the security officers found them on the island, and directly evacuated the Filipinos to the Bunyu sub-district office for treatment and further investigation.

According to the initial report, Suryana stated the citizens names are Ahiyal Rizal Bonggan, Jumboy Hernane, Gonceta, Onesimus Wongaja, Janry Salim, Rayjan Salim, Riohard Pelexo, Joshua H Crepo, Marlyn H Crado, Rosmalin H Adjad, Nelia Agad, Cherish Danne A Damos, Asmad, and Iraf.

"Following a report from the navys policemen on the island, some high-ranked officials, including the provinces military commander, the navy commander, as well as the sub-districts chairman have visited the location. The authority found no guns or any harmful equipment," Suryana noted.

During the interrogation, the 14 Filipinos said they had departed from the Bunggau Island in Tawi-Tawi Province, the Philippines at 04.00 am local time for the provinces Setangkai Island for culturing seaweed.

"Their ships had drifted and were stranded on the Bunyu Islands shores," he reiterated.

Suryana further explained the provinces Berau Immigration Office and local policemen have documented their identities.

During a similar incident, he had warned the fishermen to pay attention to their safety before sailing because the climate was precarious and difficult to predict, mainly in the waters near provinces of East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan.

Following the clashes that broke out in Marawi city of the Philippines, the Indonesian military has intensified its security and patrolling of the border areas shared between the two countries.

The militarys spokesperson Maj. Gen. Wuryanto said in Jakarta on Friday the Air Force has deployed its spy planes and troops to secure, as well as prevent the militants from entering the country.

"These forces, including the spy planes, will run a surveillance mission on the countrys northern border with the Philippines," Wuryanto reiterated at the Military Headquarters in Jakarta.

Earlier last week, an IS-linked militant group, Maute had raided the city to back another insurgent Abu Sayyaf groups chairman Isnilon Hapnilon who want to be arrested by Philippines joint task forces.

Because of the attack, thousands have fled from Marawi, a city of 200,000 people, who are predominantly Muslims.

The Philippines President had declared an emergency status on the island, and the countrys joint task forces are still battling with insurgents to recapture the besieged city.(*)