"We are to visit the Police Headquarters on Wednesday to meet the police chief," Misbakhun said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Parliaments Special Committee (Pansus) for Inquiry Right on the Duty Execution and Authority of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is scheduled to call at the Police Headquarters and Attorney General Office for in depth study of a number of things, a member of the Pansus Mukhamad Misbakhun said.

"We are to visit the Police Headquarters on Wednesday to meet the police chief," Misbakhun said here on Tuesday.

He said the Pansus will ask for confirmation from Police Chief General Tito Karnavian, about a number of issues such as about 17 police investigators recruited by KPK in line with its request in October, 2012.

He said based on the government regulation No. 62 of 2005 on human resource management system, the police investigators have to be honorably dismissed before they work for KPK.

"As for the fact that there had been request for postponement for later schedules and other things indicate there is problem within KPK," he said.

The politician of the Golkar Party said the installation of the 17 former police investigators was against the government regulation No. 63 of 2005 as the installation was made without first honorably dismissed by police.

Misbhakun said the case was found by the Supreme Audit Board (BPK) in 2012 , but it was released only 2017.

"It was not a polices problem , but it is KPKs. The installation was KPKs affairs," he said.

Misbakhun said the Inquiry Right Pansus would not raise the plan to involve police to bring Miryam S. Haryani, now in KPKs detention, by force over "fictitious" information implicating a number of lawmakers in electronic-ID card corruption case.

The Pansus also has set a date for a visit to the Attorney Generals office to meet Attorney General M Prasetyo on Thursday.

Misbakhun said a communication team of the Pansus was already sent to arrange the visits.

He said the agenda to be discussed with the Attorney General is related to the employment of a number of prosecutors by KPK.

There has been rift between the Parliament and KPK over KPK rejection of releasing the result of its investigation of Miryam whose statement implicated involvement of a number of lawmakers in e-ID card corruption case.

The rejection led to the setting up of the Pansus, but KPK refused to recognized the Pansus .

Relation was also tense between the Pansus and police as police rejected its request to bring Miryam from KPK detention cell by force to a meeting of the Pansus.(*)

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