Anti-terror squad detains terror suspect in Subang

Anti-terror squad detains terror suspect in Subang

Documentation of the Indonesian Police' Special Anti-terror Detachment personnels searched ISIS related terrorist suspect in Batam, Island of Riau, last year. (ANTARA FOTO/M N Kanwa)

Bandung, West Java - The Indonesian Police' Special Anti-terror Detachment known Densus 88 has arrested another suspected terrorist in Gadog, Kosambi village of Cipunagara subdistrict, Subang, West Java.

The suspect, identified by his initial RS, was arrested on Thursday at 03.45 pm, a spokesman of West Java Police Senior Commissioner Yusri Yunus said here on Friday.

RS was allegedly linked to the recent pressure-cooker bomb in Buahbatu, Bandung.

"He was allegedly aware of Agus Wiguna's plan and the bomb making," Yunus stated.

RS, who worked as a private employee, is a resident of Sadang in Bandung's Margahayu village.

The suspect is detained in Bandung for further investigation on the new terrorist cell linked to pressure-cooker bombing.

"The suspect was transferred to Bandung to help nab other terrorist suspects," he added.

Previously, the police has detained four terrorist suspects, namely AW, AAS, K, and AAR, who planned to detonate pressure-cooker bombs in three different places in Bandung.

The alleged terrorists had attempted to set off a bomb at a restaurant in Bandung earlier in May, but it failed to explode.

They then tried to make another bomb in AW's rented house in Buahbatu region. However, their second attempt also failed.

In their third attempt, the suspects made 60 milligram of bomb material, but it exploded in AW's rented house on Saturday before they could detonate it at the targeted location.

AW claimed that they had planned to launch bomb attacks in Astana Anyar restaurant, a church in Buahbatu, and a cafe in Braga on July 16.