Makassar, S Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - Vice President Jusuf Kalla has urged researchers and developers to master simple technologies used to meet the peoples daily basic needs, as Indonesias population is growing by 3.5 million per year.

"It (the growing population) means we need more rice, sugar, and salt. Meanwhile, our land is decreasing, as the people build more houses," Kalla noted during the 22nd commemoration of National Technology Awakening Day (Hakteknas) in Makassar, Thursday.

According to Kalla, technology is the only solution to fulfilling the peoples basic needs.

He claimed that the cost to conduct studies on food and water, for instance, will not be high.

Calling for focus and dedication from passionate and knowledgeable researchers, Kalla expects technologies to be further developed to improve the countrys ability to meet the basic needs of the people without relying excessively on imported goods from other countries.

On the other hand, Coordinating Human Development and Culture Minister Puan Maharani stated that the country still needs to build synergy and coordination to create a common perception that innovation is beneficial for Indonesia.

In the face of global competition, the need to advance science and technology is inevitable.

According to Maharani, Indonesia has a huge opportunity to develop its marine and fishery sciences, such as technologies for boosting salt production as well as breeding and fish processing.

Research, Technology, and Higher Education Minister Mohamad Nasir said the 22nd commemoration of "Hakteknas" signifies the nations respect and admiration for the fields of science and technology to help improve the peoples welfare.

Themed "Science-Based Maritime Development," the event is being held in line with the countrys national long-term development plan to become a global maritime axis.

This years "Hakteknas" is special since it is being held outside Java Island for the first time. Makassar has been selected as the host city for the event based on the fact that South Sulawesi Province has the longest coastline in Indonesia and is the most densely populated coastal zone, with high coastal dynamics.

Several research projects have been showcased during the event, such as the Anoa armored personnel carrier, flat plate fishermens ship, weather radar, stem cell, non-crew aircraft, and commuter N-219 aircraft.(*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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