KNPIi proposes national forum of ex-presidents and vice presidents

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Chief of the Indonesian National Youth Committee (KNPI) Muhammad Rifai Darus has proposed a national forum comprising of former presidents and vice presidents.

"The government needs to initiate the formation of a communication forum, comprising of former presidents and vice presidents. The time has come for political elites to prevent political uproar," he stated here on Saturday.

He made it clear that the younger generations seek difference in political views not only to prevent national figures from discussing to solve national issues but also to give positive inputs to make the nation stronger.

He noted that there has been political tendency to distort the traditions, values, and pillars of the nation due in part to the statements, steps, and policies made by political elites.

"We hope the political elites will put national interests above the political wish of their groups," he added.

Such national forum, comprising of national figures, have also been found in countries known as a pioneer of democracy, he remarked.

The forum will serve as a means of communication and interaction between the president and former presidents, he noted.

"President Joko Widodo cannot work alone to solve national problems. There need to be togetherness and awareness on the part of all sides to act together," he revealed.

In addition, the government and youths must sit together to build narration about the Indonesian nation and youth. The challenges and problems faced by the complex are very complex, he concluded.(*)