Infrastructure development improves mobility in Papua

Manokwari, Papua (ANTARA News) - The construction of infrastructure, including roads and bridges, in Papua Province has improved the peoples mobility there.

Many people in the remote areas of Papua have been impacted positively with the access, Hendrik Tugakeri, Deputy Chairman of Klasis GKI Imekko of South Sorong, said here, Friday.

"Compared with seven to 10 years ago, the connectivity is better now. The accessibility for the local people is easier," Tugakeri noted.

The positive impact of the infrastructure development has been felt by many people, including students, farmers and entrepreneurs.

The government must follow up the infrastructure development with empowerment programs that will enhance the economic situation of the people, he added.

"Many of them are working as farmers and fishermen. They need assistance and training to improve their business," Tugakeri observed.

The construction of Trans Papua road has also affected the residences. Many new residents have come up near the road.

The infrastructure development also affects people in the sub-districts, such as Inanwatan, Metemani, Kais, Kokoda and North Kokoda.

However, the government must pay attention to the education and health sectors, Tugakeri stressed. The school and the public health center are located far apart. People have to take a boat to reach the facilities, he remarked.(*)