OIC rejects Jerusalem as Israel's capital: minister

OIC rejects Jerusalem as Israel's capital: minister

Photo documentation of Palestinian in Old Jerusalem, last Wednesday (Dec 6, 2017) watched television when US President, Donald Trump, declared that he admit Jerusalem as Israel's capital. (REUTERS/Ammar Awad)

Istanbul, Turkey (ANTARA News) - The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states have spoken in one voice over the US president's statement that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi stated.

"All OIC countries have spoken in one voice on the Jerusalem issue. The OIC has strongly voiced its support to Palestine," Marsudi had noted here on Wednesday night (Dec 13).

The minister added that all OIC states had rejected US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Marsudi asserted that Indonesia will continue to implement the documents produced during the OIC Extraordinary Summit.

"We will look at the documents one by one and provide assistance. We will then continue to communicate with the UN secretary general to emphasize that the most important aspect is that the documents can be implemented," she elaborated.

Marsudi explained that the OIC Extraordinary Summit on the Jerusalem issue had recently concluded, with two documents --a final communique and resolutions-- being produced.

"In his statement earlier, President Joko Widodo had stressed on six points," the minister noted.

The first point highlighted that the OIC must openly reject the bilateral recognition of the US regarding Jerusalem. East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.

Secondly, Jokowi said all countries having embassies in Tel Aviv should not follow the US decision.

Thirdly, the OIC states have been urged to generate support of other countries that have not yet recognized Palestine to acknowledge it.

Fourthly, the OIC countries having diplomatic relations with Israel should take diplomatic steps in accordance with the resolutions produced by the OIC.

According to the fifth point, the OIC countries have been urged to take common steps to improve humanitarian aid, provide capacity building assistance, and enhance economic cooperation with Palestine.

The sixth point draws attention to Jokowi's statement that the OIC should be able to drive the movement at various international or multilateral forums to help Palestine.

"Those are the six points that President Jokowi delivered during the OIC Extraordinary Summit," she stated, adding that after the event, she will rally support for the Palestinian struggle from other countries, including the European Union, by meeting with its foreign ministers in Brussels, Belgium.

"We will discuss the OIC Extraordinary Summit's results with the EU representatives," she revealed.

Marsudi noted that at the event, Jokowi had emphasized that Indonesia will support the struggle of the Palestinian people.

"Palestine is at the heart of Indonesia's foreign policy and every breath of Indonesian diplomacy there is Palestine," the foreign minister added.