Jambi (ANTARA News) - Kerinci coffee, a variety of arabica coffee from Jambi, was sold in Washington DC, capital of the United States, at the Vigilante Coffee Company (VCC), an independent cafe supporting the green bean buyer mechanism.

Awan Suryo Prasetyo, a buyer partner of the VCC in Indonesia, noted here on Monday that they had ordered 18 tons of Kerinci green bean that was purchased directly from the local farmers.

"We have built a direct connection with the farmers since if we want good-quality coffee, we should inform them about our criteria," he noted.

Prasetyo remarked that Kerinci arabica has a unique characteristic taste that sets it apart from a similar variety grown in other regions.

"Kerinci arabica has interesting characteristics of acidity, spices, and fruity taste," he pointed out.

In terms of quality, Prasetyo explained that Kerinci arabica holds potential to become one of the leading export commodities from Indonesia, but farmers should be consistent in processing their coffee produce in order to retain the buyers` confidence.

"They have to be consistent, for instance, maintaining consistency in the ripening, picking, and post-harvest processes that will determine the quality of the coffee," he explained.

Kerinci arabica is an indigenous variety of coffee beans grown on the highlands of Jambi Province at 1,400 to 1,700 meters above sea level (MASL).

Apart from arabica, Jambi Province also has robusta that grows in Merangin District at around 800 MASL and liberica variety in the peatland area, at a height of 0-100 MASL.


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