Bengkulu (ANTARA News)- A Rafflesia bengkuluensis and a Rafflesia gadutensis flowers are now in bloom in Bengkulu Province, Sumatra Island.

"We found a Rafflesia bengkuluensis in bloom in its habitat in Penangkulan River basin area," Andi Yan, a member of the Padang Guci Youths` Rare Flower Community, said here, Monday.

The bengkuluensis found in Manau IX village, Kaur District, is expected to be in full bloom on Tuesday (Feb 13).

Rafflesia gadutensis is now in full bloom in Boven Lais protected forest in North Bengkulu District.

"At present, the flower petals are open perfectly," Riki Septian, a member of the North Bengkulu community for rare flower, said.

Many domestic and foreign tourists visited Boven Lais and Bukit Daun protected forests located in North and Central Bengkulu Districts, to enjoy watching the giant flowers in their habitats.

"We have made a path and provided home-stay accommodation for tourists here," he said.

Bengkulu Province has identified at least five Rafflesia flower species, notably Rafflesia arnoldii, Rafflesia bengkuluensis, Rafflesia gadutensis, Rafflesia hasselti and Rafflesia kemumu.

Kaur District is the endemic habitat of Rafflesia bengkuluensis identified by Rafflesia experts from the University of Bengkulu and the University of Kebangsaan Malaysia, in 2005.

Besides Rafflesia bengkulensis, Rafflesia arnoldii also grows in Kaur forest.

reported by Helti M Sipayung

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