Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Transportation is continuing to improve facilities and infrastructure to advance and strengthen connectivity in Indonesia's eastern region, especially Maluku, through sea transportation development.

"The Directorate General of Sea Transportation continues to strive for improving connectivity in Indonesia's eastern region through sea transportation," the ministry's Director General of Sea Transportation Antoni Arif Priadi said in a statement from his ministry here on Sunday.

He noted that the effort has been made a main priority to improve the welfare of the island communities, especially those in the eastern region.

According to him, there are several vital infrastructures that are currently being built and planned to support the achievement of the goal.

However, there are several main challenges, among them the limitations of facilities in several port work areas.

Priadi stated that the Lirang port work area, Maluku, has been made a main focus. Even though it has port facilities, the port has several problems, such as narrow entry routes and erratic flows.

Furthermore, the government is also focusing on the Luang Port area, Maluku. Even though it does not have port facilities yet, the area has been set up as a ship-stopping place for pioneer ships that connect remote areas.

"A pre-feasibility study has been carried out in the 2022 fiscal year to improve this condition," he added.

He further said that rehabilitation of infrastructure for shipping safety and security is also carried out, especially in the Mahaleta Port work area in Maluku, which faces similar challenges.

Even though it has port facilities, there are heavy damages to one of the dock segments and the causeway, which hampers port operations.

"The construction and rehabilitation have been planned for the 2025 fiscal year to improve the security and safety of ships and the port by using funds sourced from state sharia securities (SBSN)," he remarked.

He expressed hope that, with support from various parties, the goals can be achieved as soon as possible to support the growth and progress in the region.

"The Ministry of Transportation continues to monitor and accelerate these strategic steps to provide a greater positive impact on island communities and the national economy." Priadi said.

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Translator: Muhammad Harianto, Raka Adji
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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