Indonesian, European NGOs collaborate to respond to IEU-CEPA

Indonesian, European NGOs collaborate to respond to IEU-CEPA


Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Some 50 Indonesian and European non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are collaborating to respond to the Indonesia- European Union Comprehensive Partnership Agreement (IEU-CEPA) being discussed by the Indonesian and EU governments.

"More than 50 NGOs from Indonesia and Europe have signed civil society statements against IEU-CEPA," Climate Change Campaign Manager of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment Yuyun Harmono said during a press conference in Jakarta on Monday.

He stated the joint statements served as a subsequent basis of work for the NGOs in responding to the international trade agreement.

Meanwhile, Friends of the Earth Europe Economic Justice Coordinator Paul de Clerck said the international trade agreement had so far had an adverse impact on citizens` rights and the environment.

"International trade agreement usually focuses on liberalization and privatization," he said.

The civil society statements affirmed that IEU-CEPA should first be approached as a means to serve the public interest by ensuring that trade and investment will support equitable and sustainable development.

In addition, the Indonesian and European NGOs also wanted a precondition to cover a healthy environment, a climate friendly economy, livelihood security and decent work for all people and gender equality.

To that end, the CEPA must be?conditional with regard to the ratification and implementation of the most fundamental human rights law, as well as the global climate agreement and its impact on the environment.

The Indonesian NGOs that signed the statements included Indonesia for Global Justice, People`s Coalition for Justice Fisheries, Indonesia AIDS Coalition, People`s Coalition for Water Rights, Confederation of Indonesian Prosperity Union, Indonesian Traditional Fishermen Association and Indonesian Forum for the Environment.

Meanwhile, the European NGOs included Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network, Friends of the Earth Europe, Center for Research on Multinational Corporations, Corporate Europe Observatory, European Trade Union Confederation, Keep Ireland Frach Free, Seattle to Brussels Network , Stiftung Asienhaus, and Transnational Institute.

Reported by Muhammad Razi Rahman