Bogor, West Java (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), as the organizer of the Bogor Botanic Garden, plans to conduct institutional changes by establishing a Public Service Agency (BLU) to optimize its role as a research institution.

"The LIPI plans to establish the BLU, but as part of the Bogor Botanic Garden, so that commercialization is carried out in a professional manner while the other function of the garden is maintained," LIPI Acting Secretary Laksana Tri Handoko remarked at the Bogor Botanic Garden here on Sunday.

According to Handoko, the Bogor Botanic Garden has a key function as a center of conservation as well as a place of research and education and a tourism destination.

In the meantime, LIPI Acting Chief Prof Bambang Subiyanto remarked that the BLU will be established to transform the botanic garden, which was earlier a "cost center," into a "profit center."

"In order to become a profit center, it is necessary to also change the organizational structure of LIPI," Subiyanto said, adding that President Joko Widodo had suggested restructuring the Bogor Botanic Garden by improving its facilities, so that it becomes more attractive.

"The official message of the president is that the infrastructure of Bogor Botanic Garden should be improved, and the landscape should be re-arranged to make it more attractive," Subiyanto remarked after accompanying the president to sign an inscription marking two centuries of the existence of the Bogor Botanic Garden and Palm Monument on Sunday.

The president was specifically present to sign the inscription marking the two centuries of the Bogor Botanical Garden in front of Tugu Dua Abad, the location of the bird singing competition in the garden.

Before signing the inscription, the president was seen conversing with Subiyanto and LIPI Life Science Deputy Prof. Enny Sudarmonowati in the company of Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya and Teten Masduki.

After the discussions, the president signed the two inscriptions and then invited all LIPI staff members to congregate in front of Tugu Dua Abad without divulging information to the media crew.

Subiyanto noted that during discussions with the president, LIPI was urged to take a cue from the Botanic Garden of Singapore to increase the aesthetic appeal of the Bogor Botanic Garden.

"The president is looking to make the Bogor Botanic Garden as attractive as possible," he said.


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