Rafflesia tuan-mudae blooms in Maninjau forest

Rafflesia tuan-mudae blooms in Maninjau forest

Illustration. Rafflesia flower that has been dried on Bioresources LIPI Expo. (ANTARA FOTO/Jafkhairi)

Lubukbasung, W Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Rafflesia tuan-mudae is in bloom in Maninjau Nature Reserve in Marambuang, Agam District, West Sumatra Province.

The flower was already blooming on the third day, Ade Putra, forest ecosystem ranger of the Natural Resource Conservation Agency (BKSDA) in Agam Resort, said here on Tuesday.

"This flower blooms perfectly for seven to 10 days. After that, the petals become black and rotted," he said.

Rafflesia tuan-mudae is a male flower which has five petals and diameter of 84.8 centimeter.

A Rafflesia tuan-mudae also bloomed on February 26, 2018 in this location. In late 2017, a giant Rafflesia tuan-mudae having a diameter of 107 cm, believed to be the world`s largest, had also found in bloom in the forest.

"This is based on the world record because earlier the largest Rafflesia was found in the Philippines with its diameter reached 100 cm," he said.

Currently there are 43 flower buds of Rafflesia in the location with an area of about 2x2 meters.

"The very young buds will bloom within two years," he said.

The habitat of Rafflesia was first discovered by local people cleaning waterways.

At that time, a local people saw objects such as a lump of animal flesh in October 2017.

The villagers later took closer looks and found the rare giant flowers, so they reported their findings to the wali nagari or the head of the custom village.

Following the information, the wali nagari contacted BKSDA officers of Agam Resort and the officers later went directly to the location to see the flowers.

"When we conducted the observation, we found 78 buds and we immediately shared the leaflets to keep the flowers safe," he added.

Secretary of Tourism Office of Youth and Sports of Agam, Jufri said the local government in cooperation with the BKSDA has carried out conservation activities in the area which is potential to become an eco-tourism destination.

The local officials will intensify promotion of Rafflesia habitats which are also found in in Matur, Baso and Palupuh Sub-districts.

"The promotion will be stepped up via mass media, billboards and leaflets," he said.

Reported by Altas Maulana
(T.KR-TQA/f001 )