Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The health condition of the third president of Indonesia, BJ Habibie, was getting better after the installation of the mitraclip for handling natural heart problems.

According to the press release, the procedure was conducted on Wednesday at 08.00 a.m. local time.

Mitraclip is a small clip attached to the leaflets of the mitral valve to make two small holes in the leaking valve. The procedure is conducted without surgery, but through a catheter.

The team that performed the procedure included the best specialist physicians in Europe, who were successful in installing the mitraclip on Habibie.

The procedure was carried out after medical examination and procedures conducted since Tuesday (Feb 27) at Stanberg.

In the press release, the Habibie Center also expressed its gratitude for the support rendered by President Joko Widodo and all the people of Indonesia.

"Please pray for Habibie`s health to get better," the press release stated.

Earlier, Jokowi called Habibie, via telephone on March 4, 2018, for a moment, while praying for his quick recovery. He hoped Habibie would be able to get back to his activities as usual.

Habibie is currently undergoing treatment in Munich, Germany. He had reportedly experienced suffocation during his personal visit to Germany on Feb 27, 2018. He was then taken to a hospital in Munich.

A presidential physician had accompanied BJ Habibie`s health care team since March 4, 2018. Jokowi, at that time, had sent Prof. Dr. Lukman Hakim Makmun, SpPD, KKV (K), one of the specialists of heart and blood vessels in the presidential physicians? team, to Germany.

After conducting several health procedures, doctors diagnosed the presence of abnormal valves in Habibie?s heart. Through close communication and coordination with a team of doctors in Munich, it was concluded that heart valve abnormalities do not require invasive action.

Reported by Desi Purnamawati

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