Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A coalition of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has called for clean electoral politics during the implementation of the 2018 simultaneous regional head elections and the 2019 presidential and legislative elections.

Clean electoral politics will strengthen democracy in Indonesia, the coalition noted in a statement here early this week.

The coalition is a grouping of YLBHI, Kontras, Imparsial, Perludem, Kode Inisiatif, Yayasan Pulih, Komisi Kerawam KWI, Setara Institute, Yayasan Tifa, Ma`arif Institue, Jaringan Antar Iman Indonesia, LBH Jakarta, Elsam, and Human Rights Working Group.

General elections will not serve as an effective instrument for democracy if they are tainted with wrong practices, such as the spread of hoaxes; politicization of tribe, religion, race, and group (SARA); criminalization of political rivals; and intimidation, the coalition stated.

Other incorrect practices include hate speeches, money politics, bribery, manipulation of election implementation procedures, and document forgery.

The coalition has urged the public to guard electoral politics to ensure that it is in accordance with the principle of supremacy of the law and respect for human rights.

The coalition also called on the Indonesian Defense Forces and Indonesian Police to adopt a neutral stance, particularly for candidates, who are former military and police officers.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Wiranto had earlier stated that issues related to SARA should not be raised during the elections` campaigns.

Meanwhile, the Election Supervisory Body has found a total of 4,074 cases of violation related to campaign banners, posters, and brochures.

Indonesia will hold the third simultaneous regional head elections (pilkada) in 171 regions, comprising 17 provinces, 39 municipalities, and 115 districts across the country, on June 27, 2018.

The number of eligible voters for the pilkada 2018 reaches 158 million, or some 80 percent of the total number of eligible voters for the presidential and legislative elections in April 2019, which is some 197 million.

Reported by Muhammad Razi

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