Usually people spend their time vacationing every Saturday to Sunday."
Pekanbaru (ANTARA News) - The bathing sites in Ajil River, located in Kampar District, have become a new tourism attraction for the people of Riau Province due to the natural beauty and landscape.

Ajil River, a location to go bathing in Sungai Pagar Village, Kampar District, was quite crowded on Monday.

The location is accessible following an hour`s ride from the city center of Pekanbaru. The place has become a preferred site for people, as it has a good and paved road.

On arriving at the location, dozens of vehicles are parked along the productive rubber trees. The rubber plantation, which also appears clean and beautiful, offers cover to the vehicles from direct sunlight.

People need to pay Rp20 thousand per car. The fee includes all passengers in the vehicle, while the fee for a motorcycle is cheaper, reaching Rp5,000.

At the location, visitors can choose from several bathing options: a small 30-centimeter-deep river that is usually used by children and a large river that is dammed and modified for use by adults.

Besides this, dozens of food and beverage traders line up neatly around the area. The facilities include a prayer room and toilet for visitors.

Teguh, a man who manages the bathing spots in Ajil River, noted that they had been built since 2016.

In fact, Ajil River tourism has not been officially promoted. However, promotion via social media has helped to raise awareness of this place.

"Usually people spend their time vacationing every Saturday to Sunday. Moreover, some of them come from outside the province," he remarked.

The bathing spots were built by a local palm oil and rubber merchant named Hajj Ujil. According to Teguh, Ujil built a tourist location using his personal funds to boost the economy of the local people.

Nurita, a food dealer and buoy renter, said she was never asked for rent while trading there.

A visitor, HM Yusuf Tanjung, and his family remarked that the Ajil River tourism, with this affordable natural tourist attraction, was quite interesting. He expressed hope that the beauty of the Ajil River`s bathing sites would be maintained.

The swimming pool options are the keys to attracting children, and they can go for a swim while studying here, Tanjung added.

(Reported by Anggi Romadhoni/Uu.KR-TQA/INE/KR-BSR/H-YH)

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