Pekanbaru (ANTARA) - One person went missing in a flood that inundated eight villages in Kampar Kiri Hulu subdistrict, Kampar district, Riau province on Friday.

"It was reported that one resident went missing in the flood," Zurizal, secretary to the Kampar Kiri Hulu subdistrict chief, said when contacted here on Friday.

The flood came suddenly on Friday (Nov.25) at about 05:00 am, he said, adding the eight villages were located along the Sebayang River banks.

The eight flood-hit villages were Muaro Bio, Batu Sanggan, Tanjung Belit, Gajah Bertalut, Aur Kuning, Terusan, Sebayang Jaya, and Pangkalai Serai.

The missing resident was a rubber latex notch worker in Aur Kuning village, Zurizal said, adding the worker hailed from Nias district in North Sumatra.

The flood that was triggered by heavy rains caused damage to several houses in Batu Sanggan village and some of them were swept away, Zurizal said.

On Wednesday, a flood triggered by heavy rains inundated at least 2,000 houses in Belawan subdistrict, North Sumatra.

"Houses at Belawan I and Belawan II villages were hit the hardest by the flood," Belawan subdistrict head Andi Syukur Harahap said, adding that the water level at the two villages reached 30 cm.

Harahap said most of the flood-hit residential areas in the subdistrict did not have an adequate drainage system.


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