Samosir, North Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The local government of Samosir District, North Sumatra, along with the cleanliness team of the Environmental Office, cleaned up the water hyacinth in the waters of Lake Toba on Saturday.

The cleaning of the vines and garbage, led by Head of Samosir District Rapidin Simbolon, was conducted around the coast of Pasar Percontohan of "Onan Baru" in Pangururan District.

The activity is an effort by the district government to improve the location of traditional markets and the welfare of the local community, especially for the sale of agricultural products.

In addition, this activity aims to maintain the cleanliness of the lake waters from the water hyacinth and garbage, as well as support tourism development in Lake Toba.

Simbolon also discussed with the local residents about the location of the project work of a retaining wall, the pier, and the market constructions.

Implementation of the project will begin next week.

Tourist destinations and objects, such as natural, cultural, and historical heritage sites around Lake Toba are conceptualized as friendly, beautiful, and safe.

According to Simbolon, the ideal tourist attractions will attract tourists and give a positive impact on the economy of the local people. *** 1 ***

Reporter: Waristo
Editor: Andi Abdussalam
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