Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR), Bambang Soesatyo, stated that May Day, which is celebrated every May 1, should become a momentum to increase the potential and ability of laborers to compete with foreign workers.

"DPR leaders have made an appeal to the government that the Ministry of Manpower should increase the potential of workers in Indonesia to compete with foreign workers," he noted on Monday.

He also called on the workers in Indonesia to avoid an anarchist rally.

He urged the workers to present their demands in a polite manner without harming others and to maintain order and security.

DPR Deputy Speaker Fadli Zon stated that the government should pay attention to and listen to the aspirations of the workers, especially their concern about the entry of many foreign workers into Indonesia.

He noted that he had received a complaint from Indonesian workers last week on the serious problems related to the entry of foreign workers into the country.

"The entry of foreign workers, who use free visa to work, is a problem. If it is a problem, the city has to solve the problem. If the government makes regulation to tighten the entry of foreign workers, the problem will be solved," he asserted.

He regretted the lack of data collection of foreign workers in Indonesia.

He expected the government to pay attention to domestic workers and to avoid giving special treatment to foreign workers, so that the measures of tightening of the entry of foreign workers into the country and data collection can be done soon.

Reported by Imam Budilaksono

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