Jakarta (ANTARA News) - People in Indonesia would be able to buy tickets for the upcoming 18th Asian Games starting June 30 or on Saturday which are provided by the Indonesian Asian Games Organizing Committee (Inasgoc).

Tickets can be purchased at official Asian Games 2018 ticket stands or merchandise shops in several shopping malls in Jakarta and Palembang as well as at Games venues.

The sale would also be managed by official agency Kios Tix using credit cards, bank transfers, or cash at Alfamart retail shops, according to the Inasgoc chairman Erick Thohir said here on Monday.

"We should try to buy Asian Games 2018 tickets immediately, so that we may not miss out the performance of great Asian athletes and will not miss being part of the national history," he said in an official statement from Inasgoc.

Thohir remarked that he would do his best to make the ticket prices affordable. "We would carefully determine the best prices as we do not wish to burden people. We are still discussing the right prices. Basically, they will be put in four different categories of prices with different profits," he added.

He also expressed optimism that a lot of tickets would be sold, in view of public enthusiasm towards the event.

Inasgoc ticketing director Sarman Simanjorang revealed that people would be required to present their identity cards, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers while buying tickets, which would be needed to collect tickets, which could be in the form of thermal tickets or wristband tickets.

Around one thousand people would be employed to scan or monitor the tickets. "It is hoped that through the method, the issue of fake tickets could be prevented," he remarked.

To avoid ticket scalping, one ID may only be used to buy four tickets, he explained, adding that the rule will not be applied on group buying by organizations, such as national committees or foreign representatives.

In addition, for foreign spectators, Kios Tix will coordinate and cooperate with national committees of their countries, travel agencies, or foreign online services to ease foreign representatives to watch the events, he elaborated.

The ticket prices of Asian Games 2018 starting from Rp 30 thousand to more than Rp100 thousand. "The average price of tickets Rp100 thousand. While the cheapest Rp30 thousand.

Meanwhile, President Director of KiosTix Ade Sulistio Putra, a partner in Asian Games ticket selling said for the ticket selling, the spectators` identity cards are required as part of security measures for the international sport events.

Ade also said, the use of ID cards, including driver license, is part of security measures in all venues, that will include at the opening and closing ceremony.

"We will give guidance on how to buy the tickets safely and easily for the spectators," he said, adding that one identity card could be used to buy four Asian Games tickets.

Ade further said, his side will allocate 20 percent of the ticket to be sold directly in the venue. Ticket price for foreigners would be 20 percent higher than those for local spectators. The price between online and offline ticket selling would not be different.

Inasgoc ticketing director Sarman Simanjorang said, KiosTix was involved in the ticket selling because of its advanced technology in online ticket sales, better selling network in both local and international market, and the company`s good performance.

In the meantime, a representatives of Inasgoc deputy for security Brig.Gen Adnas said, the use of identity cards in ticket selling would improve security for spectators.

"We will have a simulation on security measures, when spectators are about to enter the Asian Games venues," Adnas said.

With regard to the tickets for school students both in Jakarta and Palembang, INASGOC will provide a total of 25 thousand tickets for them.

"We will cooperate with the regional governments regarding distribution of the tickets for the students," Thohir said, noting that INASGOC will not give free tickets for the 2018 Asian Games.

He also hoped that tickets sold exceed the number of tickets sold at the Asian Games in Incheon in 2014 which reached 1.3 million tickets. "But, we have to map out the potential sales in each match," he cited.

Erick explained the potential mapping of new ticket sales can be known after the draw of each sports match on 5 July.

"For instance the football match between Japan against China. If the players are not famous, the expensive price of tickets will certainly burden the audience," he said.

In addition to tickets for matches, Erick ensured tickets for the opening ceremony of the Asian Games will be sold out in full following the public interest regarding the opening ceremony and seat capacity at the Bung Karno Main Stadium.

Some 9.5 thousand athletes; 2.5 thousand personnel of the Asian Olympic Council; and 5.5 thousand technical delegates from 49 countries will participate, or be involved, in the event. Thousands of media representatives are also expected to cover the event.

The Asian Games 2018 scheduled in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatra, from August 18 to September 2.


Reporter: Bustanuddin
Editor: Heru Purwanto
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