Jakarta (ANTARA News) = Indonesia, the initiator of the biennial World Peace Forum (WPF), will highlight "The Middle-Path for the New World Civilization" as a theme at the seventh international dialogue to be held in Jakarta from Aug 14 to 16.

"The theme is important. `The middle-path` concept has nothing to do with the economic term, but it is about balance and moderation, which we would like to propose for the world`s concept for civilization," Indonesia`s Presidential Envoy for Interfaith and Inter-civilization Dialogue and Cooperation, Din Syamsudin, noted here on Monday.

Syamsudin stated that the forum aims to propose an alternative way for civilization, which is still being dominated by extreme conventional ideologies. Syamsudin noted that the world is led by too much of man-made ideologies, such as liberalism and communism, adding that extremism not only refers to religiosity.

"The world today is having too much liberalism in every aspect of life, combined with anthropocentric ideology, where humans are considered as the center of life when, in fact, humans are only one of God`s creations. Hence, what we are proposing is the middle path, as the current world is used to adopt extreme paths, such as liberalism," he remarked.

As for Indonesia, Syamsudin noted that the scholars had introduced a concept called "Islam wasathiyah," or translated in English as "Islam of the archipelago," which pursues a moderate way to practice Islamic teachings in accordance with Indonesia`s local ideologies and values.

"We would like to explore other world`s middle-path concepts, just like how Indonesia has adopted the `wasathiyah` concept," Syamsudin revealed.

During the forum, there will be a special session on the historical background of some ideologies. The participants will then go forward to find some ways to implement the middle-path concept in the economical, political, social, and culture fields.

Hundreds of participants from various backgrounds will attend the forum, which was created in 2006, including tens of prominent persons from some countries, such as Chairman of European Council of Religious Leaders Bishop Gunnar Stalsett from Norway, Adviser to the Palestine`s President on Religious and Islamic Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash, and Australia`s former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, to name a few.

Indonesia`s President Joko Widodo is scheduled to open the forum and deliver a keynote remark on Tuesday.

Reporting by By Azizah Fitriyanti
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