Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA News) - The development of 240 city parks in the East Java provincial capital of Surabaya aims to absorb carbon dioxide emission from roads so that it would not enter residential areas, Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini said.

"Thus, the quality and temperature of Surabaya air will remain good," Rismaharini said here on Wednesday.

Rismaharini explained the construction of 420 parks in Surabaya occupies an area of 133 hectares and the construction of green lanes is around 35 hectares.

For that, she continued, the plants in the city parks scattered accross Surabaya and can absorb more carbon dioxide emissions.

To take care of the parks and the green belts, she continued, the Surabaya City Government made compost houses which currently number 26 units. In fact, the compost houses serve as power plants.

"The compost houses take and process refuse in Surabaya," she said.

This was also conveyed by Rismaharini when she received 18 delegates from Cambodia who learned about environmental management, urban planning and traffic management in Surabaya, Tuesday (Aug 14).

Deputy Secretary General of Cambodia`s National Council for Sustainable Development E Vuthy previously said Surabaya was an environmentally friendly city and had implemented environmentally friendly development.

"It`s no wonder that people in Surabaya can live with better air and water quality," he said.

Reporting by Abdul Hakim
Editing by Andi Abdussalam

Reporter: Antara
Editor: Fardah Assegaf
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