Education Minister to dismiss perpetrators of sexual harassment

Gorontalo, (ANTARA News) - The Head of the Culture, Education and Culture Office of the Gorontalo City, Abdul Rasyid, claimed on Wednesday that he would dismiss the perpetrators of sexual harassment by three dancers, namely TD alias Tomi.

At a meeting between three victims, witnesses, the committee and the Culture and City Department of Education and Culture carried out by the Integrated Service Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children (P2TP2A), Tomi finally admitted that he had committed harassment after previously insisting on not doing it.

Abdul Rasyid made the remark after previously giving a statement if there was no abuse to the three dancers with massage mode when they were in Tarakan.

"The previous statement that I gave was in accordance with the information from the perpetrator to me when I was examined," he said.

However, when a meeting was held by P2TP2A, there was a recognition that what was conveyed by the victims was actually a sexual harassment by Tomi.

"As the children (of victims) have conveyed that everything was recognized by the perpetrator and he apologized, then the request from the victim Tomi was to leave the Ministry of Education, we from the beginning carried out the act of being laid off," he said.

Reporting by Adiwinata Solihin
Editing by Eliswan Azly