Asian Games 2018

Asian Games (volley ball) - Japan defeats Kazakhstan 3-2 in tough game

Asian Games (volley ball) - Japan defeats Kazakhstan 3-2 in tough game

the schedule of baseball matches of the Asian Games 2018. (ANTARA/HO/INASGOC)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Japan men`s team defeated Kazakhstan 3-2 (22-25, 25-20, 25-27, 25-19, 20-18) in the Pool C advanced match, which took place at the Tennis Indoor GBK, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday.

At the match, Japan immediately took the initiative to attack and took a 7-3 lead after the spike by Takuya Takamatsu failed to be blocked by the opponent`s defense.

Kazakhstan`s defense, which was raised by Anton Kuznetsov, Aibat Netalin and Vitaliy Mironenko, was broken down many times until Japan won 14-7.

However, Igor Nikolchenko`s team did not want to surrender and continued to attack through a spike by Maxim Michshenko and equalized the score to 17-17.

After that, Kazakhstan repeatedly placed the ball---it was difficult to anticipate the Japanese players` blocks, even spotting Mikhail Ustinov---to score 24-22.

Kazakhstan, which did not want to lose momentum, continued to maintain its lead and take the first set 25-22.

At the beginning of the second set, the two teams immediately made buying and selling attacks, until the Kazakhstan block entered the Japanese field and took the score to 5-2.

The Japanese, who did not want to lose face, started to attack and a spike by Naoya Takano reduced the score to 6-8.

Kazakhstan, who did not want to repeat the error of the first match, continued to press the Japanese defense, which was raised by captain Hideomi Fukatsu.

The duel of Asia`s top two teams continued, until the Japanese block, with the spike of Maxim Michshenko, took the score to 12-12.

After the "technical time out," the team went ahead 18-15 after the Kazakhstan ball went wide.

However, the meeting blocks of good Kazakhstan players in holding back the Japan team`s attack began to give away crucial points in the 19-20 position.

Japan`s superior went straight on the gas and closed the second set 25-20, and after returning the ball, Naoya Takano penetrated the opponent`s defense.

A tight score marked the start of the third set, especially after Maxim Michshenko`s spike widened it to 7-7.

Tight numbers made the match even more exciting, especially when the spike by Takashi Dekita equalized it at 15-15.

Kazakhstan, who had the advantage in the bloc, met again at 23-20.

However, the Japanese spirit did not surrender, and equated the score to 24-24 through Naoya Takano`s heroic appearance.

In the state of deuce, the action returned the score again, until finally, the service of captain Nodirkhan Kadirkhanov closed the third set at 27-25.

The quality of the two teams that were on par, again, ensured a tight score of 9-9 in the fourth set, although Japan found a direct gap ahead at 15-11.

Shunsuke Chijiki`s hard spike, utilizing Kazakhstan`s weakened defense, made it 22-15 for Japan.

Kazakhstan`s resistance in the fourth set ended, after Japan looked more enthusiastic about ending this set with 25-19.

In the deciding set, Kazakhstan, who had a direct experience lead, led 7-4 through Aibat Netalin`s spike, which penetrated the Japanese players` block.

However, Japan`s bolder start to the attack could equalize the score at 9-9, after Maxim Michshenko`s spike widened.

Japan led 11-9 after the Kazakhstan attack failed to penetrate blocks by Shunsuke Chinjiki and Ryota Denda.

At a critical moment, the stated Shunsuke Chijiki spike came out, providing excitement for Kazakhstan, who felt they had won the match.

However, referee Ali Mahmoud Ebrahim from Qatar, after a discussion with the line guards, declared the ball in and gave Japan 16-16.

After that, Japan was able to capitalize on the momentum until they finally won the fifth set 20-18, after returning Kazakhstan`s ball wide.

With this victory, Japan can avenge the 1-3 defeat of Kazakhstan in the AVC Cup for Men, which will take place in Chinese Taipei from August 8 to 15, 2018.

For Kazakhstan, this defeat lost them the chance to stay in the Asian Games, after previously giving up 1-3 to Myanmar in a match that took place on Monday (8/20).

After this, Japan will face Myanmar in a match on Friday (24/8).

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Reporting by Satyagraha
Editing by Eliswan Azly