Banjarmasin (ANTARA News) - Director General of Immigration at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Ronny F Sompie wants a Monitoring Team for Foreigners (Timpora) in each district/city to optimize the supervision of the existence of foreign citizens.

"Monitoring efforts must continue to be improved such as being able to follow the Regional Intelligence Community," said Ronny in Banjarmasin, recently.

? ?However he reminded that the immigration officers only has the authority to process misuse of residence permits, not criminal acts. While the case related to working permit has become the authority of the relevant agency.

?? In his direction at the Class I Immigration Office of Banjarmasin, Ronny expressed his appreciation for the office`s performance in serving the public.

He inspected the immigration services including facilities for disabled persons, lactation room and children`s playground.

? ?"Immigration officers should be more vigilant in issuing passports so that they are not misused for non-procedural migrant workers," he said.

? The former Bali Police Chief has called on the South Kalimantan immigration office to work closely with the police considering both institutions` interrelated duties and functions, including supervision of foreigners, intellectual property rights and correctional issues.

? "It is necessary to increase coordination between agencies so that the best solution is to provide services to the community," he said.

Reporting by Gunawan Wibisono
Editing by Eliswan

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