Asian Games (Kurash) - Indonesian athletes lack experience: coach

Asian Games (Kurash) - Indonesian athletes lack experience: coach

Indonesian athlete Susanti Rr Tri Kusumawardani (left) attacked Indian athlete Pincky Balhara (right) in the Women's -52KG category of the Asian Games 2018 at the Assembly Hall of the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) . Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday.Aug 26. ( ANTARA photo/INASGOC/Talchah Hamid/nak/18.

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian kurash athletes still lack experience and therefore they have not yet been able to collect a medal on the first day of the event, coach Deni Zulpendri, said. .

"We admitted our athletes` experience is still minimum," he said here on Wednesday.

On the first day of the event on Tuesday Indonesia failed to win one of the three gold medals offered.

Six Indonesian athletes fielded on the first day of the event consisting of Hendi Hadiat (men`s -66kg class), Aprilianda Adhi Timur (men`s -66kg class), Heka Maya Sari Sembiring (women`s 52kg), Franklin Misionaris Kakalang (men`s +90kg) and Billy Sugara (men`s +90kg) all failed to grab a gold medal.

Only Billy Saputra who could achieve the round of 16 and Terry Kusumawardani Susanti (women`s 52kg) who reached the round of eight.

Deni said besides experience the country`s athletes are also smaller compared to those from especially Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgistan and Kazakhstan.

"With regard to power our athletes could equal them but again the problems that have made us unable to win a medal are experience and size," he said.

He said Indonesia still still has an opportunity to collect a medal on the second day of the event through Khadani Najmu Shifa (women`s 63kg class) and Szalsa Maulida and Marcelina Papara (women`s 72kg).

"We hope the two could realize what we wish for. We ask for prayers from the Indonesian people so they could make an achievement in the 18th Asian Games this time," he said.

Reporting by Juraidi
Editing by Yoseph Hariyadi, Suharto