Palembang, S Sumatra, (ANTARA News) - Japan successfully added one gold medal through its athlete Yuko Takahashi in the women`s triathlon at the 2018 Asian Games at Jakabaring Sport City, here, on Friday.

Takahashi finished first, with a time record of one hour, 59 minutes, and 29 seconds, defeating 21 other contestants.

The silver medal went to Mengying ZHong, with a difference of 1.47 seconds longer, and the bronze was secured by Long Hoi from Macau, with a time difference of 1.59 seconds.

The athletes start the game by swimming two rounds or laps in an artificial lake in front of the Jakabaring Sport City shooting arena. Each round is 750 meters away, so each athlete must swim for 1.5 kilometers (km).

The athletes make a transition to a 40 km bike, covering six laps with a distance of 6.7 km. The start and finish points for cycling are in front of the shooting arena.

The route through which the athletes cross the athlete`s house, then go out to the highway through the main door and across the Parameswara Monument, passes a straight route leading to the Ampera Bridge but turns around and returns to the starting point of cycling.

Furthermore, the athlete continues the match by running as far as 10 km divided into four laps. The running route remains inside the Jakabaring Sport City complex. Japan fielded two athletes -- Yuko Takahashi and Yuka Sato -- in this number.

Takahashi, who appeared dominant since the start of the race, continued to be in the leading position since swimming and cycling until ending the finish by running.

The 27-year-old athlete had a time record of 19.02 minutes in swimming, and 1 hour, 20 minutes, and two seconds in cycling, and 39.01 minutes in running.

Yuka Sato, another Japanese athlete, continued to rank second till the end of swimming before finally suffering an injury and failed to finish while diving on lap 4.

Meanwhile, Mengying Zhong from China was involved in a chase with Yuka Sato to win second position.

He was able to rank second during the transition from running to cycling but slipped again to eighth position when he finished the sixth stage.

However, when Yuka Sato suffered an injury, Zhong immediately shot to third while running. However, the distance with gold winner Yuko Takahashi was too far to pursue.

Meanwhile, Long Hoi from Macau delivered a surprise by finishing third, despite ranking 10th in the transition from cycling to running.

Takahashi said, the key to her victory in this match was during a bicycle session. She said at that time she could quickly run, so the time distance with other athletes in the second rank could reach almost three minutes.

"The key to my victory was when I was cycling," she stated, adding that she did not experience too many obstacles while competing.

The hot weather in Palembang was a matter of concern, but it was not as hot as when she had won a gold medal at the Asian Triathlon Championship in Palembang in 2017.

"The weather is hot, but not as hot as when I had won the Asian championship in Palembang last year. It is a good match," she remarked.

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