Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Kazakhstan`s men`s water polo team won the 2018 Asian Games gold medal after the final defeat of Japan, with a score of 8-7, in the match held at the Aquatik Stadium, Senayan, here on Saturday.

Mikhail Ruday became a Kazakhstan player who scored the most goals with three goals, followed by Yevgeniy Medvedev with two goals, while Seiya Adachi became a productive Japanese player with three goals, followed by Keigo Okawa who scored twice.

In that match, Kazakhstan was left behind in the first and second quarters, but Nemanja Knezevic`s team was able to rise and turn ahead of Japan in the third and fourth quarters.

The dramatic battle took place in the final eight minutes, or fourth quarter, when Rustman Ukumanov and his friends only needed two goals to win and bring the gold medal to their country.

Entering mid-minute in the fourth quarter, Kazakhstan fell behind with a score of 7-6, but the difference was able to be chased and turned 7-8 at the last minute.

The gold medal of the team from Central Asia defended the Kazakhstan title at the Asian Games, because at the 2014 Asian Games in South Korea, Kazakhstan also won a gold medal.

As for Japan, this result makes Yoji Omoto`s team have to settle for a silver medal and rank second in the 2018 Asian Games.

Meanwhile, the 2018 Asian Games men`s water polo bronze medal was captured by Iran, after defeating China through a penalty shootout.

Until the fourth quarter, the score was 8-8, and continued to eight shots of penalties. Finally, Iran scored 16-15.

Iran won the bronze medal, while China was at the fourth position in the 2018 Asian Games water polo.

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