Seven countries to participate in Solo International Performing Art

Seven countries to participate in Solo International Performing Art

Solo, C Java, (ANTARA News) - Seventeen delegates from seven countries will be participating in the 2018 Solo International Performing Art (SIPA), which is an international arts performance event held at Vastenburg Fortress, Solo, Central Java, from Sept 6 to 8.

SIPA is an annual performance art event. "SIPA 2018 is the 10th SIPA, which will be held under a theme "We Are The World-We Are The Nation," SIPA Director, Irawati Kusumorasri, stated here on Tuesday.

According to her, the 2018 SIPA theme is a moral message that will be voiced on stage this year.

"The differences in language, skin color, customs, and traditions and nations are strengths. Everything will be one in the spirit of the 2018 SIPA," Kusumorasri stated.

She explained that the 17 delegates from seven countries include Liene Roebana Dance Company (Netherlands), Chinese Youth Goodwill Association (Taiwan), Supa Kalulu Music of Zimbabwe and Beyond (Zimbabwe), Capitol University Dance Troupe (Philippines), Stefano Fardeli (Italy), and Filastine and Nova (Spain).

In addition, there are 11 cultural arts groups from various areas of Indonesia.

The Indonesian delegation consists of Melati Suryodarmo from Solo, who is also the Mascot of SIPA 2018; Studio Taksu (Solo); Holobis (Solo); Flying Balloons Puppet (Yogyakarta); Jati Swara Art Community (Surabaya, East Java); Department of Dance Education of University of Pendidikan Indonesia (Bandung, West Java); East Java Pavilion Dance Training TMMI (Jakarta), Gilang Ramadhan (Jakarta), Deat Siet (Palu, Southeast Sulawesi), Citra Nuranteni Putri (Bandung, West Java); Suling Bambu Dasarai Lamaknen, Belu Atambua (East Nusa Tenggara); and Boogie Papeda & Komunitas Street Pass (Papua).

Kusumorasri remarked that SIPA will be featuring several supporting events, one of which is SIPA Mark.

SIPA Mark aims to build a performance art market that showcases arts by artists, and it is place for transaction.

According to her, a storefront is provided in the form of an art performance by bringing market participants, namely artists and buyers. Meanwhile, the transaction is provided in the form of gathering event.

"The storefront will offer various art performances of dance, music, and theater as the spirit of SIPA. The art market, where participants meet each other, is expected to build a relationship that leads to art market transactions," she noted.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Surakarta City Tourism Office, Hasta Gunawan, explained that the office highly appreciated the 10th SIPA.

"SIPA is an international art and cultural performance that brings many visitors. The number of visitors reaches thousands in every art show. In fact, SIPA can improve the local economy from bazaar, which is opened in the event," Gunawan stated.

In addition, SIPA has a positive impact on tourist visits in Solo as the occupancy rates of hotels is increasing, as well as demand for restaurants and souvenir shops which are crowded by visitors.

Reporting by Bambang Dwi Marwoto
Editing by Libertina W Ambari . Andi Abdussalam