Solo, Central Java, (ANTARA News) - Asian Paragames Organizing Committee (INAPGOC) has made a breakthrough by giving the people with disabilities freedom to watch the Asian Paragames international championship in Jakarta from October 6 to 13, 2018.

"We have actually a special policy to give discounts to the people with disabilities, but we will free them to watch the games, anyway," INAPGOC Chairman Raja Sapta Oktohari remarked during a media gathering on the 2018 Asian Paragames here on Tuesday.

After learning a lot from what happened at the 2018 Asian Games, Oktohari said he did not want the ticket problem to occur during the four-year championship competition, specifically for disabled athletes.

"We will also limit the purchase of tickets to avoid brokers. What is clear is that we will use the euphoria of the 2018 Asian Games," said Oktohari, who is also PB ISSI's general chairman.

He expressed hope that the Asian Paragames will have the same spirit as the Asian Games. In the beginning it was less desirable, but with the passing of time and the achievements made, many people then provided support directly to the location of the match.

"We want Asian Paragames to succeed in terms of administration and legacy," said the man who is also a professional boxing promoter.

Meanwhile INAPGOC Sport Director Fanny Riawan said at this time his party was pushing for the match location preparation including adjusting to the needs of athletes. Moreover, a lot of input after the 2018 Asian Games is over.

"For the location of the shooting match at Senayan, the renovation will be carried out next week. We will carry out the preparation according to the technical delegate input," he said when confirmed.

The 2018 Asian Paragames will be followed by 2,888 athletes from 41 countries. This number has exceeded the 2014 Asian Paragames in Incheon, South Korea, totaling 2,458 athletes. There are 18 sports that will be contested.

Reporting by Bayu Kuncahyo
Editing by Othniel Tamindael

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