Jambi (ANTARA News) - The evacuation process of seven illegal gold miners trapped in their own excavation hole in the village of Parit Tanjung, Merangin Regency, Jambi on the third day was nil because the efforts taken were not effective.

"The search and rescue team carried out water suction using a water pumping machine at the location of the victim`s buried area, but the water debit has increased, causing water suction to be ineffective," Jambi Province`s National Research and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) Head, Al Hussain said, Tuesday.

Hussain said that it was planned on Wednesday (5/9) tomorrow that an SAR operation would be carried out by all elements involved with the regional government and the police to determine whether SAR operations were continued or stopped.

The SAR team in the evacuation operation of the gold miners trapped in their own excavation pit consisted of the SAR Bungo Rescue Team one team (9 people), two BPBD Merangin, the B Brimob Den B Bangko 15, the Merangin District Police 15, the Kodim 0420 / Sarko 15 people and assisted by the local community.

The miners in the village of Parit Tanjung, Renah Subdistrict, are known to be searching for gold by a method of making excavation holes which locals call a pinhole with a depth of 30-50 meters.

This illegal activity is very risky, because they made a hole just below the Merangin River, one of the big rivers with rocks in the area.

Generally the illegal gold miner pinhole was first excavated vertically, then the miner made another horizontal hole leading down the river.

Hussain said based on the initial report, the miners who were trapped since Sunday (2/9) amounted to seven people.

Access to the location said it could only be penetrated through the waterway, so the mobilization of equipment was very difficult. Heavy equipment cannot enter the location.

Hussain said the evacuation of the victim could only be accessed from the pinhole, but the pinhole had been covered by landslides and water. ??*** 4 ***

Reported by Dodi Saputra
Edited by Eliswan

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