Jakarta (ANTARA News) - People`s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Chairman Zulkifli Hasan has appealed to the people to not panic or engage in the blame game or scapegoatism over the falling value of the rupiah against the US dollar.

"The rise in the dollar can create difficulties for all of us, so we have to unite. Those who have the dollar, they have to first sell it to help ease the pressure on the rupiah," Hasan remarked in a press release received by Jakarta on Thursday.

The MPR chairman made the statement while responding to reporters` queries after conducting the Four Pillar discussion before members of the Islamic study gathering of Nuzul Hikmah, Pekon Tanjung Kemala, Pugung District, Tanggamus District, Lampung. The event was held in Tanjung Kemala Pekon, Wednesday, Sept 5 evening.

Hasan further urged all to remain calm. The rise in the exchange rate of the US dollar must serve as a momentum for the call to defend the country as well as to strengthen unity.

"As a result of the rise in the dollar, it will be easy to face the challenges if all components of the nation unite," Hasan stated.

According to Hasan, the government is currently struggling to reduce the pressure on the rupiah against the dollar. Various programs have been implemented, so the decline in the value of the rupiah can be controlled.

Several government programs include halting the import of luxury goods and delaying the construction of infrastructure that need large number of imported goods.

"We hope for an increase in the export value, so that it can bring in foreign exchange. In addition, exporters are urged to sell their dollar or other currencies into rupiah, and such outlook can be maintained to back up the country`s weakening rupiah," Hasan explained.

According to the MPR chairman, if all members of the community unite to fulfill the call to defend the country to increase the value of the rupiah, the crisis that has befallen the Indonesian nation will soon be resolved.

On the contrary, if this situation is manipulated by some Indonesian people, then the fall in the value of the rupiah will create trouble for the entire Indonesian nation.

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Reporting by Jaka Sugiyanta
Editing by Eliswan Azly

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